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In a way, he “trained” me to do everything on my own.

Because many women have been controlled by their wealthy ex-husbands in this very “monetary” manner, so they will never ever venture down this path again.

I’ll tell you what single mothers would not need – it’s another clingy man-child who expects her to do all the work, bring home the bacon and cook it as well.

No sane single mother would want to bring home another “child” to look after. My marriage broke down because I had to do almost everything on my own. I even took care of our chid and him, while he supposedly went on a “sabbatical”.

No free bird would deliberately put herself back into a cage, no matter how gilded and bling-out that cage may be.

So, NO, not all single able mothers would be desperately looking for a man to financially support her and her child/children.

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Guys who use money to get a girl should fully expect that the girl will demand that he pays for everything “ever after”.

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