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The stone can hold very fine detail when used for carving designs and lettering and will lighten slightly over time.

Different finishes can give the stone remarkably different appearances, but we tend to use a honed finish for headstones.

The generations of experience that Cerrig brings to the design and fabrication of memorials means we can confidently guide you every step of the way to the creation of a unique memorial for your loved one.

Example shown on the left was hand carved by Robyn Golden Hann.

The granite is very hard and makes a durable headstone.

If the headstone is polished it will just require the odd clean to remain in pristine condition.

Note that our Yorkstone headstones really do come from Yorkshire.

We can create any size or shape of headstone within reason and in particular manufacture many “in ground” slate headstones often found in churchyards.

The Trefor quarry on the North coast of Wales towers over the Irish Sea in a truly dramatic setting.

If the headstone is left a little rough to the touch it will grow moss and lichens on it creating a lovely weathered look.

Lettering and designs are sandblasted onto the granite as it is really too hard to take carving and are often painted black to make a dramatic contrast against the stone.

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