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The sex-affection of a person can not be provided by a doll. They do not give you their opinion or drink Statement by Aprosex The owner of the venue claimed they were not aware of what the property was being used for and only became aware of its use when they recognised the walls from photographs published on the internet.

The owner has since cancelled the tenancy agreement with the Lumidolls entrepreneurs.

Reutlingen has a university of applied sciences, which was founded in 1855, originally as a weavers' school.

Today Reutlingen is home to an established textile industry and also houses machinery, leather goods and steel manufacturing facilities.

The original location in Barcelona at 2 Baixada de Sant Miquel had been in the Spanish city’s Gothic quarter, north of the cathedral.

But the brothel, not far from La Rambla in the heart of the city has now moved to a mystery new location with a receptionist saying the address would only be given out to paying customers.

They do not give you their opinion or drink a glass of champagne with you.”Janet, a prostitute with over 30 years in the industry, who works in the city’s Raval district said: "It is another strategy of the patriarchy that presents us as objects without rights or soul.

A privilege of the wealthy classes.”She added the initiative was "a fetish for many men and women who wish to return to a childhood lacking in affection”.

In 1530, Reutlingen's city council signed the Augsburg Confession, and in 1580 and the Formula of Concord, key documents of Lutheranism.

One of the towers of this castle was rebuilt in the 19th century and is open to visitors.

The name Reutlingen was first mentioned in writing in the so-called Bempflingen Treaty (German: ) which is dated approximately 1089–90.

The impact of this fire, which lasted three days, is still visible today.

During World War II, the wings of the V-1 flying bomb were manufactured in Reutlingen, making the city the target of several allied bombing raids.

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