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It should also be beneficial to any person within the business firm who either supplies data of this type or uses it, such as project analysts, controllers, managers, and even management trainees.Academicians teaching cost and managerial accounting as well as those teaching production management and financial decision-making courses should find it beneficial as a text supplement or as a primary text in courses dealing with current problems in today's changing manufacturing environment. Language: English | Copyright: 1993 Please note that the Lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated.The ideas generated from our perspective obviously need to be tried and tested in the more practical world of business.What seems worthwhile should be retained, what is worthless should be rejected, and what needs changing should be adapted to the needs of the readers and their organizations.

The ideas in the article formed the basis for what became this book.there is very strange that the sales transaction amount is not equivalent to the standard cost multiplied by the quantity.Then I checked the Value Entry table and found that there were some adjustment entry created for these transactions automatically by the system.It also allows the organization to avoid disruption to the corporate culture and the cost associated with a new system.The authors show how standard cost systems can be redesigned to measure factors recognized to be important in today's manufacturing environment such as quality, production levels, and throughput.

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