Updating computer from xp to vista

In my case, since I have selected the Headset microphone the indications are as shown in the image.Once you have read the advice given, click on the tab.Others might find useful the solution you have found. if the green light blinks , it means ur headphone is setup. I'm using a Logitech USB mic and it's on and everything, plugged up, not muted. hello my problem is that im using a laptop with an internal mic, which doesn't allow me to set up my external mic because my laptop with windows vista keeps picking up the internal mic and not the external one! i have this problem, my mic wont recognize anny sound input.Related articles: Sound Recorder Volume Mixer Put the Volume Mixer icon back on your taskbar How to disable or change sounds in Windows How to change your sound scheme Disable the System Beep Disable Windows Vista Startup Sound The Windows Speech Recognition Guide My PC is recognizing the microphone (Logitech USB Mic) and i can even record my voice but what i can't do is hear my voice through the speakers... But when i go to record something, it says "Error while opening sound device. Playback Tab: *Speakers *Headphones *Digital Audio Recording Tab: Microphone: not plugged in Microphone: ready Line In: not plugged in Microphone: default device my mic is fitted in the front jack consisting only.. if i am on skype for instance none can hear me talk BUT!(I'm trying to set it to work with a karaoke software) Do you know what could be happening? Please check input device settings and project sample rate." What do I do???? they can hear my sound from the game i was currently playing. oh and about a week ago everything was working like a charm.Hi, I read your question on about your Logitech USB Mic problem. but this set as default device is not showing but i have driver son and sound is working well just microphone and in msn it said is not and i have acer 7715z the driver sound is realtek audio high definition so i tried to reinstall the driver from but the same problem how can i solve this i have just formatted my computer to windows 7.. In the part where it says: ( "Now, to test and see if it really works, tap the microphone with your finger a few times. pls help me Kind regards, Jojord When im in recording, it says front mic, back mic, line in, and stereo mix.If so, please can you share : D E-L-T Hello I have my microhone enabled, the speech recognition recognises background noise but not me...

I've since tried using them in other devices and they do work, they're just not being recognized by my computer. I've tried reconnecting my mic, disabling it and then re-enabling it... Then, after my computer automatically updated, the microphone stopped working. I had thought it was a problem with the microphone itself, so I went out and bought a table mounted microphone, plugged it in and it worked. If you still can’t see your microphone, you might have not plugged it properly or you need to install a driver for it to work.In the first case, check to see if you have plugged it properly into your computer, plug it again or, if it is on a USB port, plug it in another USB port.

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If this happens, close the wizard setup and, after you checked to see you have the correct microphone device enabled, open the setup wizard again.

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