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It will also follow your character, when you send it to different destinations (but will not enter the destinations along with your character). Different pets appear in park at different hours thoughout the day.

X, however it is notable that this Tamagotchi does feature the older IR technology to connect with previous generation devices.Once the pet can be adopted, a question will appear on the screen, if you want to take it home. When your character is an adult, it can get married before the matchmaker option is available for it in the door icon, namely, it can find a partner in the park.Different characters appear in the park at different hours throughout the day - if your character is a male, it will meet female characters, if it is a female, it will meet male characters.It is not yet known if it always has NFC technology like the Tamagotchi 4U/4U series.If it has both IR and NFC that would definitely explain the M! The advertisement introduces a completely new character, Nijifuwatchi (who has an angelic appearance), and of course a few familiar faces.

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