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Blaire tells Jess that she is going to get help and goes looking for help on Chatroulette.She asks a stranger to call 911 and send a police unit to Jess' house."billie227", now unveiled as Laura herself, asks for one more thing.

Afterward, Laura's demonic face lunges at the screen until it cuts to black as Blaire's scream is heard before she is attacked, leaving her fate unknown.Soon after, Blaire receives a video of Jess freaking out and blood on the door, she also receives a video of Jess with a curling iron forced down her throat, killing her."billie227" then messages Blaire and Mitch, wanting them to confess who uploaded the video in the first place.Mitch retaliates by forcing Adam to admit that he gave a fellow classmate roofies at a party, date-raped her when she was unconscious and then forced her to get an abortion when he discovered that she was pregnant.Shortly after, Blaire and Adam receive messages sent remotely to their printers.

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In a moment of panic, Blaire shows her message on the paper: "If you reveal this note, Adam will die." Adam is forced to shoot himself in the face, and the camera reveals his note: "If you reveal this note, Blaire will die." "billie227" then says that the game is still going and asks whether anyone has ever defaced Laura's grave.

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