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When Peterson's rotting corpse was first found, comedian Bill Maher cracked on HBO, "Laci Peterson's body was discovered this week.

I've heard of breaking up with someone before Christmas so you don't have to buy a present, but that's harsh." When the audience didn't laugh, Maher asked, "Oh, I can attack the president, the economy, the war, but don't mess with Laci Peterson?

Peterson's murder was surely a tragedy and an outrage to those who knew her. Her father ran a tractor rental business, but divorced her mother when Laci was very young.

Entertainment Tonight, though, doesn't usually send a reporter and camera crew." Father: Dennis Rocha (owns a tractor, dump truck and water truck service)Mother: Sharon Rocha Father: Ron Grantski (stepfather)Mother: Rose Marie Rocha (stepmother, m.Dennis Rocha after his divorce)Brother: Brent Rocha Sister: Amy Rocha Husband: Scott Peterson (m.Thanks to endless media coverage, Laci Peterson has become one of the most famous dead women of our time, alongside Mother Teresa and Lady Diana.Numerous books and videos have been released, exploring and theorizing what happened to Peterson.

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Among the most contentious: If Laci was only 7½ months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, around Dec.

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