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This in-house ultrasound scanning facility is already proving very popular, with patients attending from all over the UK.All enquiries please call our dedicated call centre on 0115 9475498 and ask to speak to Megan Robinson, radiology services manager.A qualified Ultrasound Practitioner will supervise these scans. You will obtain the results of the examination when you attend for thenext appointment with that Doctor.Parking meters have been installed in all car parks at this hospital.Depending on the area been examined and information required some scans do not require preparation but for others it is important to follow the instructions in the letter.

This is done by using a small hand sensor and gel, which is moved over the surface of the skin and uses the sound waves to create a picture. The scan usually takes 15-30mins and is performed by a sonographer or Radiologist who specialises in Ultrasound.You will beable to ask the person doing the scan any questions you may have.As this is a teaching hospital, a Practitioner or Doctor undergoing ultrasound training mayperform your scan. After the test You will be able to eat, drink and resume normal activities as a soon as you wish. The scan report will be sent back to your referring Consultant in Outpatients or General Practitioner (GP).We believe that whenever you have a scan the health and well-being of your baby should always be checked therefore, you will be provided with a report at the end of the scan which will display the various measurements taken and any related charts.Upon completion of your gender or early pregnancy scan we will ask if you wish to have a free peek in 3D/4D (available from 14 weeks gestation) where we will spend a maximum of 5 minutes obtaining 3D/4D HD images of your baby.

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