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I completed a profile set-up a few times to get a handle on Ok Cupid’s questions.The early, basic ones establish non-negotiables like the ones above, as well as drug use habits, whether or not you’re looking for a casual encounter of the sexual kind (the questions pursue this issue multiple times, from multiple angles), and your feelings on relationships with people of a difference race.Developed in 1942 by psychology researchers Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katharine Briggs, the system is based on a set of four binary personality distinctions — extraversion (E) vs. Thing is, Myers-Briggs is kinda bullshit, and pretty useless when it comes to choosing a romantic match.“Myers-Briggs is infamous for being the least valid, widely used personality test there is,” says David Funder, psychology professor at the University of California, Riverside. It’s fun to discover you’re an explorer and talk about it with other people, in the same way it’s fun to discuss the latest shows on Netflix.

If you want to assert your gender politics and not come across as a Neanderthal, your opportunities to do so, within the questions, are thin.Ok Cupid won’t say much about how integral the questions are to the process, but according to founder Sam Yagan, “the questions are ranked algorithmically by the amount of information they add to our estimate of your compatibility.” Thus, the appearance order correponds, in theory, to how well they determine a match.Previous answers may force certain other questions to appear earlier or later, but the early set remained largely the same with each profile I started.Let’s assume there’s a normal distribution of people who care about leg shaving, both in what others do and what they themselves do, with the bulk falling around the “sort of” mark.If the question were really about shaving, it’s guarding against those “totally normal-looking-and-sounding person online, Wild Feminist Sasquatch underneath all that composure and clothing” edge cases.

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For instance, back in 2011, the founders noted that the answer to the question “do you like the taste of beer?

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