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“But sometimes the smell is so bad, so bad you just can’t stand it.” There came a point when there was no more pretending, no more turning a blind, burning eye to the mysterious smells or the illnesses that seemed, in one way or another, to touch nearly everyone she knew.

A couple years back, Sims said she noticed sores on her feet that wouldn’t heal.

For a long time Sims said she paid little mind to the stench that would often waft into her home from across the fence.

“African Americans, even affluent African Americans are more likely to live closer to and in communities that are more polluted than poor white families that make ,000 a year.” Abandoned houses in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Ala.Louisiana has the highest concentration of oil, natural gas and petrochemical facilities in the Western hemisphere, and many of the poorest people in the state live close to these refineries.Louisiana is the third poorest state in the country, with nearly 20% of its population living below the poverty line, according to the most recent Census.He died last year of cancer and liver problems at 65.Other family members and friends have also died early, she said, of cancers and lung disease and a number of other maladies that so many in neighborhoods up and down the Mississippi River corridor seem to suffer disproportionately.

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Her doctors couldn’t figure out exactly what caused them.

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