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there is a large variety of different breeds of chickens for sale. Bobwhite, Chinese painted, Japanese, Californian quail. PEAFOWL: Indian blue, Dark shouldered, White, Java green. Location: Kerry Phone: 0861535528 Raising quality poultry from the show ring to the backyard hen. Other colours Wyandotte eggs available later on in year. Location: Dungannon Phone: 07468318593 Available 2017 Pure bred Rhode Island Reds and Light Sussex LF Hatching Eggs Pullets POL Cockerels Incubation and Hatching Service also available West Clare (near Kilrush) (Find us on Facebook)Location: Clare Phone: 0 Website: year we are trying something different.they are purebreds, cross bred's, all different ages. Location: Monaghan Town Phone: 0868461427 I breed a small number of breeds I pride myself in rearing all young birds to the best of my abilities to ensure the buyer gets exactly what they want I sell birds of both show and breeding quality all lines of birds are from the uk and Ireland feel free to contact me with any inquiries regarding purchasing of birds Large fowl breeds Light Sussex (show and breeding quality) Silver laced Wyandottes (show and breeding quality) Bantam Breeds Quail Barbu D'anver (show and breeding quality) Indian game (very small number of these at breeding quality) Waterfowl Blue Indian runner (breeding and select few show quality ) Large white crested (show and breeding quality) Black East Indian (breeding quality) Ornamental waterfowl Mandarins Northern pintail Bahama pintail European Shellduck Location: Fermoy. GUINEA FOWL: Chocolate, Grey DUCKS: Khaki camplbell, Muscovy (black and white) I also sell hatching eggs, day old chicks and pullets for each breed all year round. [email protected] have the following breeds of poultry: Silkies White leghorn Light sussex Silver sussex bantam Gold bantam brahma Black Dutch bantam Silver laced wyandotte large fowl Barbu D'anvers Blue bell I will have no chicks or hatching eggs for sale this year will have next summer 2017. cavan Phone: 0857040110 I am a breeder of large fowl brahmas only at this present time. Bantam Pekin White, Lemon Cuckoo, Partridge, Lavender, Cuckoo. Breeding wellsummer, light Sussex, barnevelder, white silkies, black silkies and gold tops. For the last few years I have found that the urban poultry keeper is looking for guaranteed hens. standard gold laced, silver laced, blue laced in both large fowl and bantam sizes. Phone: 07514270343 Website: We offer a large selection of barnevelders, hatching eggs and birds when in stock.Location: Inverin, Galway Phone: 0876546359 White and magpie calls I sell a small amount of hatching eggs through out the year Also have a selection of ducklings for sale through out the year Don't hesitate to call if you've got any question Location: Galway Phone: 0864084074 I am currently breeding Pekins, Polish bantams, Silkies, Welsummers, White and Mallard calls and Indian Runners.I wont be hatching anything till January at the earliest. Meath Phone: 0868765269 Rhode Island Red large & bantam (Richard Everett & Bernard Bainbrige) Light Sussex large & bantam (M&R Neill & Desy Horner) Buff Orpington large (Peadar Robinson) Silver Dutch bantam (Darren Gillespie) Waterfowl Saxony ducks (Darren Gillespie)Location: Castletown Geoghegan, Co. Most of these mature gay men are a bit overweight and are bold of have not a lot of hair, some also are grey.

Small or large quantities, top quality stock, full vaccination prgramme DARD registered. Phone: 07815841222 Website: Orpingtons Gold laced Orpingtons Buff Orpingtons Golden Bhrama Ayman Cemani White Silkie Guinea Fowl Sultans (white) Black Pekins Japanese Quail Arucana Columbian Bhrama Naked necks Assorted hybrid layers Broilers Location: Galway Phone: 0851916710 Website: Connacht poultry (Facebook) Point of lay pullets and roosters for sale all year round.

Large fowl - cream legbars (auto-sexing,green eggs) Bantam - Dutch (gold partridge) Silkies (black) Sussex (light) Indian game (dark) If you are interested in any of my breeds get in touch as I regularly have birds for sale at different ages. Location: Tipperary Phone: 0873491650 Large Fowl: Transylvanian Naked Neck ( black) Leghorn (silver duckwing, white, brown) Welsummer (partridge) Bantam: New Hampshire Red OEG (blue duckwing) Dutch (gold, silver, blue partridge, millefleurs) Pekin (lavender, blue mottled) Hamburgh (Silver Spangled) Waterfowl: Muscovy Ducks (chocolate, white) Miniature Appleyard Farmyard Geese Location: Laois Phone: 0852439234 Clogher Valley Eggs and Poultry 2017 Specialists in the breeding and supply of exhibition standard pure breed poultry at point of lay, hatching eggs, equipment and housing. LEGHORN: White & Mottled BANTAM FOWL: ORPINGTON: Black SUSSEX: Light WYANDOTTE: Silver Laced.

We also supply large quantities of point of lay hybrid stock supplying Dominant Cz coloured and ISA brown hybrids throughout Northern Ireland. WATERFOWL: Khaki Campbell Welsh Harlequin White Call Duck Miniature Appleyard Location: Tyrone Phone: 07812138528 or 00447812138528 Website: hybrids at point of lay.

I run a closed unit so you can be sure the birds have not been exposed to diseases or mixed with other birds. Pure bred large fowl breeds Cream Legbar Buff, light, Speckled Sussex White, brown Leghorn Cuckoo, copper Marran Auracana Ancona Wellsummer Barred rock Rhode Island Red Barnevelder Jersey Giant Silver laced wyandotte Location: Ballyclare Phone: 07802455342 I am a breeder specializing of top quality rare birds. Norfolk grey - UK rare breed Barnevelder - double laced Jersey Giant Plymouth Rocks Location: Carlow Phone: 0861550127 I breed a range of ornamental pheasants such as: Silver's, red and yellow golds, lady amerhursts, Edwards, reeves, Mikado, Elliott's, white crested kalij, tragopan.

I sell a small amount of chicks and hatching eggs when available throughout the year. Brown, white & blue eared pheasants, monals, ijima coppers, phone bar tailed. Location: Aughnacloy, Tyrone Phone: 07522547331 We are keeping following large fowl chicken breeds for 2016 : - Buff Laced Wyandotte - Silkie (cuckoo, red, black, partridge, white, gold and blue - all running together) - Indian Game - Iworth - Bielefelder - Sulmtaler We also keep Muscovy ducks, Bourbon Red turkeys, Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse geese, Guinea Fowl and Indian Blue peafowl.

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  1. There is only one entrance on the north side of the compound, which is a paved road, appropriately named "Bohemian Avenue." A low barbed-wire fence surrounds the entire perimeter of the club, but the fence doesn’t matter because there is only one place where the hills come together, leaving an opening traversable by foot or car.