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But we see her tonight when she goes home.” Student #1: “My niece comes home today, too! Thank you for easing my anxiety and asking the question! We quickly realize that neither of us can remember the equation for the area of a circle.)(The teacher moved to stand by him and asked the class. I turned to look at the boy, who smiled and gave me a thumbs-up. My best friend is one of the teacher’s favourites and a really good student, but, like me, somewhat of a s***head sometimes.

There’s a well-known history museum in this town that I’ve been planning to visit for a while, so I check their website thoroughly to make sure it will be open. [Student #1] is my cousin, though.” Me: “If [Student #1]’s your cousin, isn’t [Student #1]’s sister also your cousin? Our teacher assigns us to work with partners on a problem. It has been a long week and a long day, so my head is definitely not all there.I also specifically book a place that offers Wi-Fi so I can distract myself on rainy days. After one night, the Wi-Fi cuts off and can’t be restored.It’s worth noting that I have a “water allergy”: aquagenic urticaria. I can’t even use my phone as a hotspot, since I don’t get a signal inside the house.

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