File parsed but not updating

There are 1000's of resource loading solutions for web-hosted pages. I'm not suggesting an infinite wait, I'm suggesting using a technique that allows you to react to file load as soon as it is finished.

My problem with timeout is, that you always have to wait for it to finish.

It is included as a reference to show the difference.

This method may be a bit different from what you are used to seeing, but has many advantages.

First, the same jsonp file can be loaded locally or from a server using the same functions.

Next comes a simple function to retrieve your json by script injection.In short, set Timeout should not be used to wait for loading of a resource.Kenny806 - It's meant to solve a specific problem - loading local resources (for a non-hosted web page), so that does mean it's not very reusable. By removing the timeout, are you suggesting that an infinite wait is acceptable?Even if the file would have loaded in 10ms, you would still wait for 100ms.And yes, adjusting timeout is easy, but what you are suggesting is changing the code each time you want to load a different file or when the file siize changes (to optimize the wait).

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