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17-071277 1725 hours Burglary (Fenced Compound) 628 W Industrial Avenue Victim/Owner of Be Green Landscaping reported that he came to the business to pick up a pressure washer from one of the trailers but noticed the locked had been cut off and the washer missing.

Units located fragments of a projectile and an entry hole which struck the victim’s Toyota Rav 4. 17-72345 Burglary Vehicle 400 NE 15th Ct 0601hrs 97 white Ford F-150 was broken into between 1630 on 12/14/17 hours and 0530 today (12/15/17).17-073103 1756 hours Stolen Auto 801 N Congress Avenue Victim reported that between 1700 hours and 1745 hours unknown person(s) stole her taupe 2011 Honda Odyssey bearing FL tag N714UA from the parking lot of Sears. 17-073124 1926 hours Suspicious Incident 2300 S Seacrest Boulevard Officers responded to the area... 17-072933 0029 hours Shots Fired 1721 Arezzo Circle. 17-072916 2220 hours Overdose Non-Fatal 220 SW 6th St.Upon arrival units were advised via witness a light in color GMC pickup truck had fired multiple rounds at the aforementioned address. Fortune, was arrested after threatening B/M Jean Destine with a loaded Springfield XD firearm.Witness advised the pickup truck subsequently fled the area towards Gateway Blvd. This incident was witnessed and recorded by another subject in front of the Coin Laundry. 17-069422 Suspicious Incident/Shots Fired Ezell Hester/ 1901 N. 2018 hours Officers responded to the area reference multiple gun shots heard within the area.

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17-072972 0720 hours Burglary Auto (delayed) 3315 S. Officers responded to a delayed auto burglary from 12-17-17. Officers continued to follow the suspect blocking traffic to prevent any crashes. Officers located W/M slumped over the wheel of his vehicle deceased of an apparent overdose. 17-072916 2220 hours Overdose Non-Fatal 220 SW 6th St. 1738 hours The complainant contacted BBPD advising that while his children were playing in the front yard, a green Toyota Rav 4 driven by a black male pulled in front of his residence and attempted to entice his children into the vehicle.

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