Drupal 7 aggregator not updating

"There was a problem checking available updates for your modules or themes.See the available updates page for more information and to install your missing updates." Same for Drupal core updates.You might want to also check the permissions, both within Drupal and in your website's tmp/cache folders.Update 2012-08-03 GMT-6: Yep, as it sounded, it sounds like a configuration issue with your host: "In D7 - drupal_http_request() uses the php function stream_socket_client().Aggregator permissions in "View news feeds" have been set correctly, I checked boxes for all users, so its OK.Forgot to mention, before aboved info message, there is error notice shown" Notice: Undefined variable: errno in drupal_http_request() (line 835 of /home/mysite/public_html/includes/common.inc).

But once I had c URL return false, everything was golden. Update: The site worked wonderfully when I put it on the live server, until I updated the site.The Aggregator module fetches content from other sites; it does not generate syndication feeds. When used with other modules, the Aggregator module can make these feed items available from a Drupal site using common syndication formats including RSS, Atom, and RDF.(Learn more about site syndication formats.) Users can: The news aggregator requires cron to check for the latest news from the sites being aggregated.Hi, I have acquia drupal installed on my pc running windows xp - this is a fresh install of the acquia drupal through their windows installer no other module installed.ctools and feeds The default feed importer is enabled and I have not made any changes in its settings whenever I try and create a feed I get the following error * Download of failed with code 0. I enabled default drupal aggregator module and succesfully imported feeds from the same feed to rule out an issue with my pc's setting Please let me know what other info you will need to diagnose the issue Thanks for opening this separate request.I've just tried with a local install using the latest dev from CVS and found no problems. Could you post your PHP version and whether or not curl is available Here is additional info Drupal 6.15 My SQL database 5.1.41 PHP 5.2.13 Web server Apache/2.2.14 (Win32) PHP/5.2.13 c URL library 7.20.0 j Query UI 1.6 One more additional point which may help troubleshoot the issue - My pc sits behind a corporate proxy and I had to apply the patch at After applying the patch and filling in the info for proxy I did verify if it was working properly by enabling the default core aggregator module and reimporting the feed at and it was able to import the feed and test whether the problem persists?

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