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105-27) can now be accessed in a digitally reconstructed version (Gulácsi, 2007, forthcoming). Remnants of Turfan Manichean book art also document various innovations with the materials and formats of the book medium.The text of this codex folio contains a Middle Persian benediction to the sacred meals and to the leaders of the community, confirming that it derives from an illuminated hymn- or service-book (Be Duhn et al., pp. The invention of silk codices was most likely catalyzed by the close proximity of the Chinese tradition that utilized fine, tightly woven silks for writing on.

The blue background and the black rim of the surviving scene define a cohesive composition of an imagined space that includes a large crescent moon with its three deities (Boyce, 1975, p. Only the latter group includes illuminated fragments. Despite its fragmentary condition, Turfan Manichean book art displays a uniquely high quality of artisanship.Variety of their size and format, as well as pictorial and textual content, document a flourishing book art (Gulácsi, 2005, pp. Manichean illuminated book fragments represent the oldest illuminated manuscripts known from medieval Central Asia. Numerous paintings demonstrate the liberal use of expensive materials such as lapis lazulifor the blue background and gold leaf to capture jewel-encrusted metal book covers, hems of garments, metal vessels, and the stems of plants. This painting is one of the most important Manichean paintings in terms of its content.God’s hand reaching into the picture symbolizes the completion of the journey.The well-understood iconography of this important allegorical image (Gulácsi, 2001b, pp.

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The central area, on the left, is occupied by a high-ranking church official, seated cross-legged on a dais. On the right, a diagonal row of elects hold books in their hands.

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