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Both of these services make it harder for criminals to get ahold of your sensitive information.

Identity Force surpasses most of the competition by offering anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software that protects sensitive information on your computer.

Identity Force takes care of junk mail opt-out for you and also offers Delete Now—a service that removes your personal information from online databases.While we believe having positive interactions with company representatives is an important part of customer service, we also appreciate companies that make it easy to handle issues on your own.As an Identity Force customer, you can easily manage your own account settings, update your information, activate services, or turn text alerts on or off.While there are some things you can, and should, do to protect yourself on your own, many companies offer identity theft protection services that can do much more than you could do by yourself—especially if you don’t have countless hours to set aside to search through records and databases.We researched these companies to find the ones that offer the best protection, the best service, and the best value.

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However, the base plan also comes with things like bank account monitoring, new account alerts, medical ID number monitoring, and file-sharing network monitoring—services that other providers usually reserve for more expensive packages.

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