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A study in the British Journal of Cancer revealed that ginger men are 54% less likely to develop prostate cancer than other men.

Researchers believe it’s down to the way genes that dictate hair pigmentation influence tumour growth! He’s probably talented In a recent interview, Ed Sheeran said: ‘The reason I became a musician is that God looked down and said, ’You probably need some help getting laid.” Anyone who was at his Croke Park gigs this year knows that’s no longer true.7.

Strong ginger guys opt for the latter and are super witty by the time they reach adulthood.5.

I loved the look of the punk debutante, but bleach is a bitch on hair, and I eventually had to cut mine super-short to prevent the breakage that came with repeated use.

It's a shade that will transform me into something of a California girl, albeit without a tan.

In order to ease my transition, Eva's cool makeup artist sister, Vinnetta, gives me some beauty tips for blondes looking to catch a husband.

Here are 9 reasons why you should date a ginger man:1.

He’s confident in himself After years of being picked on in the yard or getting slagged off by his mates in secondary school, the ginger man has come through his formative years a stronger, more confident person. He’s got a great personality Gingers are notoriously awkward during their teenage years.

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