Dating fender tube amps by serial number part 2

New was the Model 2566 Fury Bass combo amp, with five tubes, three inputs, volume and two tones, 15″ Jensen speaker, 20 watts output (40 watts peak), and a 9.50 price tag. 7 Alamo Artist Series was basically familiar amps with the new look. The head was a slightly truncated Strat-style 6-in-line, with more rounded features than its more angular predecessors. This had a Honduran Mahogany body finished in red cherry.

Included were the Model 2570 Electra Twin Ten, Model 2564 Jet, Model 2565 Montclair, and Model 2572 Titan, all with the same specs and pretty much the same prices. The bolt-on neck had a 20-fret Rosewood fingerboard with dots. included both hollow-core and solidbody guitars, all called Fury, which were engraved in script down under the strings!

The one-pickup Fiesta had the pickup near the bridge, with volume and tone.

The Model 2584R (.95) came in red, the Model 2584W in white, the Model 2584S in sunburst, and Model 2584C in cherry sunburst.

The 2-pickup Fiesta had volume and tone with a 3-way toggle near the lower horn.

The Model 2586R (.95) came in red, the Model 2586W in white, the Model 2586S in sunburst, and the Model 2586C in cherry sunburst. The Model 2578 was the Super Band Piggy-Back (eight tubes, two channels, tremolo, two 12″ speakers, 35 watts/70 watts peak, 4.50), available, as before, in a Lansing option as the Model 2578JL12 (4.50).

The Model 2585T-SB (two pickups, sunburst) and Model 2585T-C (cherry sunburst) cost .50.

The Model 2596 came in cherry (Model 2592T with Bigsby). 5 line offered three Fiestas, with hollow-core bodies and an even more radically squashed Strat/Jazzmaster body. These each had slightly different pickguard shapes depending on how many pickups, each without the Oriental ?? These had uncovered Acra-Tune bridge/tailpiece assemblies, with no Bigsby option.The Titan Mark II added a neck pickup and a 3-way select by the lower horn (no rhythm/lead toggle).The Model 2591 (9.95) came in sunburst, with the Model 2591T Bigsby option (9.95).It had two pickups, two volumes, two tones, and 3-way toggle near the lower horn. These all had the shorter, more rounded Strat-style heads, with the by now typical elongated truss rod cover. The pickguards were identical to the previous, now defunct, Fiesta guitars.The Model 2598 cost 5 with the covered Acra-Tune bridge assembly. The head was the more rounded version like the Toronado. These were, for Alamo, fairly normal looking, aping fairly closely a Fender Jazzmaster shape. Hole Guitars because, as you might guess, they included, for the first time, a single f-hole on the lower bass bout.

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The three-pickup Fiesta featured the pickups in parallel, with one volume and two tones, and three small plastic sliding on/off switches near the lower horn. These, and the recycled Paragon amps for accordions and bass fiddles, were probably leftover, slightly older designs. Love No picture is available of Alamos in 1966, but by 1967 the line had again undergone a fairly radical transformation, here with a catalog graciously provided by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, Buffalo. 7 received yet another facelift, although not too drastic, when compared to the amps of two years earlier. Gone is the little logo plate, in favor of a white plastic script Alamo lightning bolt perched at an angle on the upper left hand corner of the grill. The Model 2576 was the Band Piggy-Back (eight tubes, two channels, tremolo, 15″ speaker, 35 watts/70 watts peak, $354.50), Lansing option Model 2576JL15 ($504.50).

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