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Fair warning: Beware of any woman who refers to herself as “blunt”, “really direct”, “doesn’t play games”, or says she “doesn’t tolerate bullshit”.

At least half of the time this is code for “I’m a bitch, but I acknowledge it, which makes it totally ok.” Similarly, beware of any woman who describes herself as “a queen” or “princess”; they will be self-involved to such a degree that you will begin to wonder whether you are just occupying a role that says “Insert Boyfriend Here” and will almost certainly be trading up at the first available opportunity. Her interests will tell you much more about who she is. Second possibly only to sexual compatibility, music compatibility will make or break a relationship.

These are indications of both immaturity and a certain lack of self-esteem and are usually a safe indicator of the type of guy she’s looking for. “Amy89” or “JHanely” are run-of-the-mill profile names will tend to be…

“SExxx YHolly” is either an attention whore or (more often) a scam profile. In my long experience, longer profiles are safe signs of people who are emotionally more mature and intellectually engaged.

Any variation of #NAME and #COLLEGE is a Sorority type. So yes, size does matter and larger is better in this case. This usually ends up setting the tone for the rest of the profile, whether it’s an air of “I am too awesome for you” self-absorption, hemming and hawing for paragraphs without actually managing to indicate possession of an actual personality or sly self-deprecating humor.

” Goofy photos are supposed to say “I am so quirky and fun” but frequently actually say “I am actually profoundly drunk right now and this seems like a good idea.” Watch for little imperfections; actual wrinkles at the corners of the eye, looking slightly off from the camera, eyes slightly closed.

These are all indications of a more honest photo, and can give you a better impression of her real personality.

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