Dating catastrophes

Last season gave us a rough sketch of the timeline, and we’re reminded early in this episode that their wedding shared a date with Frankie’s birthday.

(Rob needs to get his morning boner under control because the little tot will soon run into their room, demanding presents.) It’s not all rosy, of course.

— that they’ll be home by, ugh, 11 p.m.) She quickly steers their anniversary date back onto its predetermined course — dinner at a restaurant — with a determination that suggests, deep down somewhere, she characters observing date night, either.After such an unfamiliar experience, he’s missing the little comforts of married life: The creaking floorboards, the way Fran makes a sandwich, the way she says “ta-da” after taking popcorn out of the microwave.Fran points out, correctly, that these little things are not enough to sustain a marriage — “You didn’t miss me enough when I was there” — but her and Chris’ reactions to their date nights highlight how stability and familiarity can suddenly seem important when you no longer have them.Now free to chase their individual passions, they’re both missing the mundane comforts of marriage.Of course, Dave’s romantic life is wildly different than any other on revelation can completely tank a relationship.

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