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Superficially similar to the Chekhov's Gunman, which can happen with or without an introduction to the viewer.

Hey It's That Character refers to when the character, without any actual characterization, has appeared previously; Sneak Peeks is for when the character/object has a small role as themselves (including characterization) before their main role- for example, being a side villain in one film and the big bad of its sequel.

Deze partij is juist blij met de komst van de Duitsers.

Veel mensen vinden NSB'ers landverraders omdat ze met de Duitse nazi's samenwerken.

Compare Destined Bystander, where a minor character eventually important through Character Development.

Vaguely antonymous with Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.".

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This is a new episode from Lucky Patient series and hospital adventure of our good friend Mr.

It's very simple to play this game which consists of two parts: first of all you should make Kim horny using your fingers.

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En als de bevrijding nadert, zijn veel NSB'ers bang voor de wraak van hun landgenoten.

James and Megan just adore different role games and tonight they\'re going to an abandoned subway line to play \"the rapist\" and \"the victim\".

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  1. Arriving at the building’s front entrance, I rang the buzzer, and a heavyset doorman came out, wearing the look of a bouncer accustomed to turning people away.“I’m here to see Mr. Assange rarely allows visitors to carry electronics, so I was instructed to turn over my phone.