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So I decided to spend some time to bring my old friend back in life.Maybe put back in my car as a backup when cell phone signals are low. Garmin had some firmware updates (Version 5.20) dated back in 2010. After install the software and plug in the GPS in the computer, the software automatically detected the device and offer me the updates. Garmin offers one time update for or lifetime update for . For example: North America 2015.10 and North America 2013.40 .The next problem is getting the maps onto the unit, I had problems with the Map Install program, so I used the Map Source program which is much better, try to get these programs before downloading.I have found that deleting the original maps on the unit first in the Garmin folder (backup the satnav just in case) is the best way to do this, this will clear at least 1.6GB on your unit which you can then put all of Western europe on it with the Map install/Source program, then put all the remaining Eastern countries and Turkey/Greece on the SD card, you won't need more than a 1GB card then.

Othersie, you would need an unlock key from the map provider. Make sure to change the SD card name to “Garmin” and create a sub-directory also called “Garmin”. So it would look like: j:\Garmin\Then change the original map in Garmin internal storage “gmapprom.img” to some other file name such as “old”.

Map data is provided by NAVTEQ – the world leader in premium-quality mapping.

Garmin GPS users can now navigate with confidence, knowing they have accurate, up-to-date mapping information leading the way!

Customers can purchase nüMaps Lifetime in two ways.

It is available as a simple and easy purchase from the Garmin website2.

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Because of this, we could not install the latest 2015.10 map (2.2GB) and had to choose 2013.40 version.

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