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There was never a man lonelier than Clayton Lonetree.A Navajo native, Sergeant Lonetree was stationed at the US embassy in Moscow during the Cold War, and unlike many of the other Marine guards on base, Clayton didn’t have a wife or a girlfriend to write to him.According to Discher’s testimony, their affair hadn’t been about sex—at least, not at the beginning.When Discher met Scarbeck, she’d been an orphan for over a decade.Even while he was being blackmailed, Scarbeck refused to take any money for the information he passed on.Instead, he got Discher a passport and made sure she had safe passage out of Poland and into West Germany.

The drought that plagued Ghana from 1981 to 1983 plunged millions of people into starvation.

He was handsome and charming, and by all accounts, he had a taste for American women. Their romance lasted 18 long months, during which Soussoudis drilled Sharon for everything she knew about the CIA’s activities in Ghana.

Scranage gave up the identities of agents, CIA informants, and communications information.

The honeypot might be the most glamorized espionage technique in fiction.

It’s a tale of hushed phone calls and late-night rendezvous, of secrets whispered through lying lips.

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But femme fatales and lovers’ plots are not exclusive to fiction.

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