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I'm 17yrs old, not sexually active, never had a boyfriend (and I'm more than fine with it).Ever since my friend came out as bisexual, I've had this horrible feeling that I might be too.

But ultimately, as most folks will tell you who felt that way and tried to be something they weren't instead, trying to be a person you aren't makes things far more painful and difficult.In other words, your family having any level of homophobia isn't about you -- save that theirs likely rubbed off on you, too -- it's about them.Any sort of avenue for your life that might only seem to have room for you as a member of a heterosexual couple is about cultural biases: not about you.Since my friend came out I've found myself attracted to certain women, not just sexually but romantically, as well as guys. I have no problems with them, but I don't want it to be part of my life. I've heard a ton of them, on the page and firsthand, and even after over two decades of being exposed to them, I still can hardly bear most of them.I'm terrified I'll have to acknowledge it - my family's loving but straight-laced and wouldn't accept it, for one thing, and it's just not the way I planned my life to run. Let's assume for a moment that you ARE bisexual, even though that may or may not be the case. You still get to opt into heteronormativity if that turns out to be what you really want.

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