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"I used to be obsessed with the TV show 'Dexter.' My then-S. made me a blood slide box like the one Dexter kept for all his victims.He put a bunch of slides in with room for more if I wanted to add some later, and on the slides were pictures of our shenanigans.

If he is a music lover, choose a set of speakers so that he can listen to his MP3 player without ear buds or a subscription to a satellite radio service.It was one of the sweetest things I've ever gotten." 7."I'm deaf and my boyfriend secretly started learning sign language for me." 8.Inside was an instruction booklet titled 'Romantic Birthday Dinner' and beneath it were all the ingredients (bread, jelly, peanut butter) so I could cook it myself. I always dreamed of going as a kid, but my parents were always like, "We're not paying to eat overpriced chicken nuggets in the dark with animatronic animals." Fast-forward to when I'm an adult and dating this guy for 2 years.The best part for me was the 'instruction manual' -- it was overly detailed and technical (he used the world 'emulsification' like twice) with step-by-step picture guides. "My boyfriend kept all of our tickets and maps and receipts from our Euro trip and made me a scrapbook with our pictures and all of the things we had collected along the way. We're in Chicago for my birthday and he surprises me by taking me to Rainforest Cafe.

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It's new, but it's established: You're into him and he's into you.

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